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Links we Love

Owen Martel's walk from Seattle to New Orleans, Walk the West.

Chris's adventures in Australia and the world, Aussie On the Road.

Best Latin Dance Videos at Gwepa.

Scuba diving, and photography, Beyond Blighty.

The people and places behind the meals I enjoy around the world, Bacon Is Magic.

Troy demonstrates that round the world budget travel is possible for everyone at RTW Experiences.

An adventure travel and lifestyle blog; Travel-Experience-Live.

Travel tales and everyday life from our many homes in Nepal, Philippines, UK, US and Greece; Wright Outta Nowhere.

A magazine of fiction and poetry, FRiGG Magazine.

A populist approach to literature, Whistling Shade.

An Australian spending the next few years exploring South East Asia, 99 Boomerangs.

Documenting his worldwide travels to motivate and inspire, Aus Globetrotter.

Chicken Bus Tales, the adventures of Vivien Lougheed and John Harris.

Promoting diversity of all types in literature and photography, Solstice Literary Magazine.

Willow Springs publishes the finest in contemporary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, as well as interviews with some of the most notable authors in contemporary literature.

A full-time nomad, traveling around the world slowly with his young son, 1 Dad 1 Kid.

Convergence, an online journal of poetry and art.

Cutthroat, a journal of the arts.

The literary journal of the Mediterranean Celtic Cultural Association, Feile-Festa.

Contemporary Southern Arts and Literature, Steel Toe Review.

Shenandoah Literary, the Washington and Lee University Review.

Thought provoking poetry and other art, Subprimal Poetry Art.

An international journal of contemporary poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, photography, film, and book reviews, New Orleans Review.

Bitchin' Kitsch, for anyone and everyone who has something to say with an artistic medium.

The Antigonish Review is a creative literary quarterly that publishes poetry, fiction, translations, essays, and reviews from anywhere, with a mandate to publish new and emerging Canadian writers.

Five 2 One Magazine, the literary freakshow.

The Biscuit, a home for short and serialized original fiction, delivered to the reader in blog form.

MANOA strives to bring the literature of Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas to English-speaking readers.

Living the Dream, making long-term travel a reality.

Halcyon, a literary magazine publishing work that instills a sense of well being and inspiration.

Indiana Voice Journal believes that "good art" comes forth from the spirit to reveal, to comfort, to heal, to bring joy, to surprise!

Lost Coast Review, culture, philosophy, poetry and literature from the Left Coast.

Contraposition Magazine, helping to foster the regrowth of poetry and the visual arts in the digital age.

Futures Trading finds value in all manner of literary manifestations, especially if they're forward-facing in nature.

A journal of contemporary literature, Apple Valley Review.

The Raven Chronicles, a journal of art, literature, and the spoken word.

Narrative Magazine, advancing literary art in the digital age.

GoNOMAD prides itself on providing excellent, entertaining, informative and unique travel articles and research about destinations, activities and experiences.

Ginosko, the recognition of truth from experience.

Dancing Irishman, your average life loving, globe trotting, karate fighting, language learning, wave surfing, Japanese translating, salsa dancing Irishman.

WhimperBang, a journal of artistic commentary.

Verdad, a journal of literature and art.