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Visiting Leningrad

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My Packing Misadventures


Every time I pack up to travel or move, it goes the same way. It's a horribly drawn out, incredibly childish process. I start out with play packing. This is usually done about three to four weeks before I am actually leaving. What I do is, I take out all of my favorite belongings; usually the backpack, my pretty dresses, my tent, hiking shoes, and near-useless camping and traveling accessories that I never use; and start to pack them. This is a completely useless step because a lot of the things I pack (pretty dresses and hiking shoes) I still need to use. However, it gets me, and most recently Anja, in a traveling mood.

Then I forget about packing for about two to three weeks. In this time, I usually buy more crap, throw away my ugly clothes, and give things away to friends.

Then, about a week before I leave, I start the Major Packing. I systematically go through all of my clothes, shoes, books, and other belongings, and decide what is absolutely imperative and has to come with me 100% on the trip. This is usually a pile crap that would easily fill two or three backpacks. Then I put all of the things I'm going to throw away or give away in a box and set it aside. I do not throw it away or give it away until the very very very last minute. I decide that everything in the 100% has to come pile is coming with me no matter how big or small my bag is.

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Dog Sledding in the Yukon

Interview with Hugh Neff, a musher who competed in x Yukon Quests and z Itriapotd

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WWOOFing in South Africa

WWOOF South Africa cover

Q & A with Rowena Riecker, chairperson of WWOOF South Africa.

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6 Illegal and Inadvisable Things To Do in Berlin

Illegal and inadvisable berlin

Schwarz Fahren: Berlin is known for its fantastic public transportation system: U-bahns, S-bahns, trams, buses, and even ferries get you where you need to be 24/7. And you don't have to pay for any of it.

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Sex Worker Interview Part II

Former sex worker Miranda Kane tells all about sex workers' rights and campaigning for sex workers around the world.

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I needed to get away from my boyfriend for the weekend so I took a good friend of mine and we went to Warsaw for the weekend. Rudina also needed to get away from her boyfriend. And her parents. She was raised as a good Catholic girl and when she's in Milan, she can't even get in a car with a boy.

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Little White Lines

I met Janice in a dark crowded bar in Barcelona, Spain, just a few days after her seventeenth birthday. She was from Switzerland and even though she didn’t look it, she was younger than my little sister. I was twenty five, living in a funky little apartment near the beach, and had been trying my hand at teaching English for about six months. Janice was too young for us to have much in common but she was also too young to notice.

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Ocean Rowing with Roz Savage

roz savage night row

Interview with the first woman to row solo across three oceans.

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Life's Short, Live it Fast

andrew kurka monosking

Mono skiing with paralympic athlete Andrew Kurka.

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