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Mutts Are People Too

mutts are people too

An update from Albania, land of the street dogs! When Fabian and I first arrived in Albania and realized the cruelty shown to street dogs, we wanted to leave. I didn't want to have anything to do with an country so ignorant to animals.

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Stray Dogs in Albania Part II

recovering dash

“We are not vets and our shelter is not ready yet. He needs special treatment. Here is the number for a vet in Durres. But if the leg is broken is little we can do in Albania. There is no vet who can do a good job. They just take money and after surgery the situation might be worse.”

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Help Rescue Dash, the Albanian Puppy!

Dash in Qerret

This is Dash. He is a happy six month old puppy living on the beach in Albania. A beach life sounds great, but Albania is very unkind to stray dogs. He eats food from the dumpsters and struggles to find fresh water during the hot summer days.

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Stray Dogs in Albania

slum by shiroka

The streets of Albania are filled with skinny, stray dogs. They hang out on the beach, by the markets, and in the shade on the side of the road. Some of the dogs have “owners” who toss the day's scraps to them, but most of them wander from garbage to garbage.

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