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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for submitting to Trainless Magazine. We look forward to reading
your work.

We accept nonfiction and fiction writing. Please read through our magazine to
familiarize yourself with what kind of work we publish. Nonfiction articles
should stay relevant to our magazine's theme of travel, athleticism, and
culture. Fiction is much more open, as every world created through fiction
presents a new "culture."

Stories ranging from 500-3,000 words are accepted. It would have to be an
incredible, really unstoppable story to keep our readers reading after 3,000

In regards to format, words that are italicized should have this symbol * at
the start and end of the italicized word or phrase. Bold letters should be
typed in all capital letters.

In terms of style, excessive profanity, violence, and erotica will not be

Poetry is, at this time, not accepted.

Please send a maximum of two submissions to be considered per issue. We print
between 10 and 15 articles a month, depending on length, and only one article
or story per author per issue.

Please allow two to four weeks response time.

Relevant photographs will be requested upon acceptance of the article or story.

Simultaneous articles are accepted. We ask that you tell us as soon as your
work is accepted elsewhere.

Payment is publication.

Writers retain all rights after publication. If the piece is anthologized or reprinted, please address that it was first published by Trainless Magazine.

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