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Why Locals Want Travelers

Survey By Kristyn Bacon

I asked more than one hundred locals from ten different countries, why a local from their city would want to take a traveler to bed with them. Their answers might get you on a plane . . . . Or off one.

Why would a local from your city want to take home or start a relationship with a traveler passing through?

“Why wouldn't they? You can get anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours . . . .” -Sam; London, England

“I think the basic idea of meeting up with or inviting/going home with a traveler gives me a sense that I, too, am a traveler. It's, to an extent, a vacation from LA, from what you're used to. You get to experience your city from a different perspective . . . . There's the immediate excitement of meeting someone new from a culture and place far from your own.” -Sam, Los Angeles, USA

“We all tend to feel attracted towards difference. Thus, sometimes we idealize foreign things, including people. Routine is boring and love helps to keep life interesting, more so if we hook up with a foreign girl. They look different, smell different, walk different, kiss different, have sex in a different way and have a different approach to life. Or there are people that simply idealize foreign things and believe they are somehow better.” -Jorge, Colombia

“….a traveler is very likely to have very appealing stories to tell and a unique way to view the world. Also, coming from a different culture you usually have many things to discuss with a traveler so you end up feeling attracted to them. Those are good enough reasons to take a traveler home.” -Anonymous; Athens, Greece

“Maybe because they've ran out of lovers in their city.” -Riz; Sydney, Australia

“Well that's not our fault that some of our guests appear to be cool fellows, is it? So why not enjoy these new friends?” -Marina; London, England

“In my personal case I would say that I am really interested in knowing different people from different places . . . and I am also really interested in practicing my English.” -Natalia, Ecuador

“. . . overall I think it would [be in the] physiological needs of a person. Need of feelings and emotions. When the sisters of faith decide to let us be with someone else, all of this pieces come into place and create a new equation.” -Fernando; Sydney, Australia

“ . . . I am not looking forward to having a relationship with a traveler. I think that is not the reason for [traveling] to be. But you never know what can happen anytime.” -Diego; Ecuador

“I used to [be] a bit intimidated by the thought of marrying foreigner before; but after a Europe trip earlier this year . . . I'm quite open to that possibility.” -Carrie; Hong Kong, China

“When do you come for the article? Instead of hearing my ideas I am afraid we will act like we are on a relationship ;-)” -Terry; Athens, Greece

“Consciously, we feel attracted to strangers that come to our modern life because of the excitement and the feeling of freedom that this fact gives us. Being in relationships with locals gives you security and the ability to plan ahead. But instincts are always there and trying to suppress them is against human nature, so having relationships with travelers gives the opportunity to feel free without limiting your passion.” -Photis; Athens, Greece

“Why a local would want to have a one night stand with a traveler? Why not?! Who would not like to have sex without any complications?! Especially those who are travelers understand that one night we can be in one country and the next day in another. Do not want anything tie us. And I think we've all have this weird fantasy to have casual sex with a stranger.” -Genesis; Ecuador

“I would say I would like to show people the domestic living of us the Hong Kongers. As you know, there is much more to know and to see other than guide book.” -Pakkiu; Hong Kong, China

“We're all living in our own small worlds, the ones that we grew into, that we're familiar with, that make us feel like home and when one travels he/she can share that tiny bit of their world with someone else. After all we're all visitors with a limited time on this . . . planet so why not try to make the best it?” -George; Greece

“If you live in an island in summer the tourists are so many and every day you meet new people who are going to stay just a few days and then probably never going to see them again. That makes things way too simple.” -Dimitris; Greence

“A local from Hong Kong want to take a relationship with a traveler passing through? Why do you think in this way?! I'm so curious about that!” -Panto; Hong Kong, China

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Kristyn Bacon is twenty-two years old living in Berlin, Germany while working, writing, and learning the German language. Her stories have been published by literary journals such as MOOKYCHICK and DEW ON THE KUDZU and are included in anthologies by BOOKIMBO and SWYERS PUBLISHING. Her sports writing has been published by INSIDE DIRT and DAN HOLLOWAY, EIGHT CUTS. An architect read her work and compared it to George Saunders.

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