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Cat Calls

Survey By Kristyn Bacon

The best and worst catcalls I ever received were in Morocco where men would just shout out the names of American celebrities they knew, like Lady Gaga. It was either that or "Fish and chips!" and "God save the queen!" Despite being Canadian, not British. The absolute worst catcalls were in France, though, where men would pull over their cars to ask how much to get into their car . . . . Devon, Canada

For some reason one can only remember the worst ones! "Is your name Ariel? Cause I think we were mermaid for each other."

"Hi, do you like DEEP tissue massages?"

"Your hair reminds me of Kate Middleton's, a different color and shade but remarkably similar. You must be royalty."

"Roses are red, violets are fine. You be the six and I'll be the nine."

"I'd pull your hair." Dary, USA

I've heard all sorts of stuff. A guy offered to make me a "saliva suit." Another one wanted to "fill my hole up with good quality cement."

Some people try to be nicer and ask me for my wings ("how come an angel like you not have wings?"). Then there's the "Hi, there" guy, which usually leaves you alone if you don't reply, or guys who sanctify themselves when you walk past.

In London I used to live in a house with four other girls. Sometimes, when we got back from partying, we used to have men chasing us back home. It was annoying, they used to get off the bus with us, and we'd have to walk around in circles so that they wouldn't know where we lived! It was tiring, even though we kept asking them to leave us alone, they would just follow us around. Creeps! Raquel, Belgium

Generally cat calls don't bother me; sometimes I'm flattered. I can't remember a 'best' cat call though. The worst was when biking to school at around 16 years old. I was wearing a skirt and biked past another school (a sports school, with mainly boys). Some boys yelled 'I can see your underwear' and threw pebble stones at me . . . . Alexandra, Belgium

“Damn, that is some beautiful hair.” Shouted across the street to me from a man in Portland, Maine. Patricia, USA

Well there was one who said something like "I am walking around here for twenty minutes already just because I was wondering how to ask you out". And stuff like "You have a really charming smile," etc. Stefani, Bulgaria

The worst cat call: I was walking to a bar and a few guys started whistling several metres behind me. It was dark, so I increased my walking pace. They started commenting on my increased pace and yelling clichéd pickup lines, so I ran and didn't stop until I reached the bar where I was relieved to see my friends. I'm a competitive runner, but running in boots with heels was another story. Fortunately, the guys didn't run after me!

I've heard females cat call as well, so cat calling is certainly not limited to males. Ketaki, Canada

Thinking about it, I can't recall any 'good' cat calls since I try and ignore them as they come but the bad ones I remember better! I'd have to say that some men in Morocco randomly naming Asian countries at me has got to be at the top of the list. "Japan! Korea!" It's a hilarious mixture of racism and ignorance. Kelly, USA

When I’m in scrubs, the Salvation Army dick said, “Hey, you look fine in those scrubs. You can be my nurse.” Kohlby, USA

As far as I'm concerned, any cat call is a bad cat call. If someone is interested in me, I deserve to be addressed with respect and dignity, NOT like a piece of flesh to be used for your satisfaction. “Hello, how are you doing ma'am? My name is __, and I just wanted you to know that you are beautiful," would be amazing to hear. You can take out the "ma'am" if you're not in the South (USA). Whitney, USA

I am fortunate that I don't get cat called that much. My whole vibe when I'm walking around says don't talk to me (headphones in, not smiling). What I do get a bunch is people telling me to "smile." I hate that because I feel like it implies that all women should be pleasant at all times, and I also feel like smiling would be like an open invitation to cat callers. Hannah, USA

In San Antonio, TX I was waiting at a stoplight and looked into the car next to me. The two men in the car were signing to each other and I was curious so I kept watching. They saw me and immediately starting signing their phone number to me. Rebecca, USA

I think worst cat calls (happen to me) is "Hey Asian, whippy pussy." It's a bit rude and racist and the best is "Auuuu," like a wolf sound but funny actually. Yanie, Australia

I just spent 2 months in Italy and was bombarded with cat calls and rude gestures. I think the worst was as I was walking by on the street, the Italian man coming my way grabbed his crotch and sort of growled. Yuck. Emily USA

I have a guy friend who used to shout funny things at girls from his front porch with friends, but never anything suggestive. They would just shout, "I love you!" and the girls would smile every time, without fail. Once he saw three girls walking together, and shouted, "I love all three of you at the same time!" It's funny, and it makes girls laugh. Seanei, Canada

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Kristyn Bacon is twenty-two years old living in Berlin, Germany while working, writing, and learning the German language. Her stories have been published by literary journals such as MOOKYCHICK and DEW ON THE KUDZU and are included in anthologies by BOOKIMBO and SWYERS PUBLISHING. Her sports writing has been published by INSIDE DIRT and DAN HOLLOWAY, EIGHT CUTS. An architect read her work and compared it to George Saunders.

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