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Annie Foulds

Interview with Annie Foulds

What different types of dance have you specialized in as a professional dancer?

From the age of four to eighteen years old, I loved to dance. I studied, tap (Ipswich), ballet, Jazz and contemporary dance.

What did a typical work week look like?

It would depend on the job. If I was going to a fashion show, it would be an early start, travel to the venue, wait around, rehearse, make-up and hair, then the show. If it was a casting day where we go to see photographers or designers, it would be the toughest. This was a hectic day and quite stressful. We would go from one place to another within a time frame; being late is not an option! No make-up, clean and heels! I could do at least four or five in one day.

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What kind of diet helped you stay both slim and energized?

I have a high protein diet: fish, chicken, turkey, prawns, etc. I always have vegetables with my dinner and drink plenty of water. I have two cups of coffee in the morning. I also enjoy a good plate of chips before or after a marathon or long run! I like to be quite good during the week and slightly more relaxed at the weekends. But, you know, once you have a good healthy plan, it is hard to want junk food!

A ballerina told me that 'dessert' is a skim milk and diet coke milkshake. Are all dancers under such extreme pressure to stay thin?

Yes, when I think back to my dancing days, it was very important to be as thin and light as possible. For the spins and lifts.

Did your career require you to travel frequently? Where has it taken you?

For many of my friends, yes. But no, not really for me, because I trained from four to eighteen years old in Suffolk. When you are ready and passed all your dance exams, you then go on to professional stage school in London and then graduate and go on to find work. Regrettably, I did not follow this path, although I had the talent to do so. I did take one audition, but I wanted it so badly that I made myself so nervous and messed it up. They even asked me to dance again, but I was so nervous. I didn't take another audition. However, the training, discipline and knowledge I gained from performing in the local theatres and stage schools has been wonderful and helped my career enormously. I believe you are born things - I was born to run and dance!

What is one of the most memorable shows or performances you’d taken part in?

The most memorable performance was my school production of 'Grease;' my parents came to every one. But on a higher level - performing and being on stage with Prince at the O2 Arena in 2007 was absolutely amazing!

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What is a common misconception people have about professional dancing?

That dancers all have an eating disorder and are generally unhealthy. We don't and we are not. We all start very young and we train for three to six hours a day. Yes, we do watch what we eat, discipline is important.

Why did you decide to leave the dancing industry?

I would never had left, not really. It is part of whom I am. But, I was very young and I found the rejection quite hard to take at that age (I was sixteen). If it was me now, it would be a piece of cake! It was quite honestly my life, but I remember being so upset at one audition, only one, that I almost stopped at the point. However, I also had a huge passion and gift for running and that is where I decided to go in the end.

Tell us about your career as a fitness model. How did you get started?

After dance, I decided to go back into the sports world. I went to a fantastic gym in Covent Garden called Jubilee Hall. At the time, it was amazing - it was full of dancers, actors and models. A few famous ones now. I remember there being a real buzz about the place. So it was very easy to find out what was going on and where, the latest auditions, etc. My first job was modelling for Puma and then magazine covers. A good friend of mine, Khan Bonfil, got his first acting job in a Bond movie and went on to star in many more movies, like Star Wars. He recently passed away. I had a features in a men's magazine Untold and the front of Timeout magazine with a fitness feature. I then went on to do a fitness show, Miss Galaxy UK.

What is one of the most interesting shoots you’ve done?

Well, they are so varied. I recently worked on a great campaign with SweatyBetty on the FlyFlexFlow workout. I created the Fly and Flex sections of the workout, pod cast, video, and photo shoot. Really great fun!

What do you find to be the most challenging part about working in the modelling industry?

Running from one casting to another and waiting around for hours.

You are also a sought after personal trainer. What kind of clients do you train?

I train private clients exclusively. However, I love to work with everyone - super fit (Ironmen or women, tri-athletes, runners), to the unfit, big or small, young or old. I think every single person should have good health. I am a strong believer in all the benefits it gives you. Therefore, I am now working on more group sessions and online workouts.

What is the most important piece of advice that you give to your athletes?

Stayed focused. Learn to become mentally tough as well as physically strong.

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Annie Foulds is a former professional dancer who has honed her skills in the health and fitness industry though years of varied training. An athlete, fitness model, dancer, fitness competitor, ultra runner and not to mention a mother, makes Annie a trainer in demand. Read more about Annie, her qualifications, and her training services at Annie Foulds Personal

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紅蜘蛛: 中絶薬: 催情剤: 催情: 催情粉: 媚薬 激安: 媚薬 販売: 女性催情剤: 精力剤販売店: 媚薬販売店: レディーチャイナ: 魔鬼天使性欲粉: 巨人倍増: 蟻力神: 中絶薬ru486: ru486: 堕胎薬: 巨人倍増: 精力剤通販: 蔵秘雄精: 速勃100: 999神油 女性用: A9生精片: M6生精片: 德國魔棒: 藏秘男宝: 米国金根: MACA: 回春堂海狗王: アフリカ超人: 街頭覇王睾丸素: 壮根精華素: 超強黒倍王: 蟻力神(第五代): King Wolf狼王戦宝: バイアグラ: 五夜神生精片: 街頭覇王睾丸素カプセル早漏防止薬: 頂点3000: 魔鬼天使muira puamaII: SPANISCHE FLIEGE D5: 男露888: 徳国公牛: 蔵秘雄精: 超級猛男健力カプセル販売--精力剤: 巨根カプセル: 興奮剤German Black Widows: 房事の神油: 同仁堂牛黄清心丸: 999皮炎平: 韓国痩身一号:韓国痩身一号.html スーパーファット: 三體牛鞭:三体牛鞭.html 三体牛鞭:三体牛鞭.html 蔵八宝:蔵八宝.html D10媚薬: D10催情剤: 威哥王:威哥王.html 巨人倍増:巨人倍増.html
シャネル ファンデ ツヤ肌 違い
2 years, 2 months ago
2017年の新素材-新作 ブランド腕時計、バッグ、財布、小物などでございます専売店 ★弊社は「信用第一」をモットーにお客様にご満足頂けるよう ★全物品運賃無料(日本全国) ★不良品物情況、無償で交換します. ★税関没収する商品は再度無料で発送します! [url=]シャネル ファンデ ツヤ肌 違い[/url]
シャネル 店舗 パリ
2 years, 2 months ago
スーパーコピーブランドN級品専門店 史上最も激安ブランドスーパーコピー-即日 配送可,100%入荷。 当店は正規品と同等品質は品質3年保証でご注文から5 日でお届け致します。 レディースとメンズ激安通販専門店!品質と本物は同様です。 全て新品、高い品質、激安 、送料は無料です( 日本全国)すべての商品は品質2年無料保証です。 ブランドコピー時計: <a href="" >シャネル 店舗 パリ</a>
1 year, 6 months ago
夜狼神 即効性に優れ、効果の持続力が長い! 性欲減退、虚弱体質、免疫力低下の症状を改善します。性能効果:中高年の腎臓機能低下、早漏、短小、ED,精力低下の症状を改善する。 夜狼神(やろうしん): 植物偉哥 vegetal vigia: 鹿茸腎宝: 蔵秘雄精: 紅蜘蛛: A9生精片: M6生精片: 回春堂海狗王: 米国金根 MACA: 速勃100: 福潤宝カプセル: 魔鬼天使Muira.PuamaII: 男露888: 蔵秘雄精: 巨根カブセル: 興奮剤German Black Widows: 999神油 女性用: 中華牛鞭: 中華牛宝: 男根増長素: 蔵八宝: 蒼蝿水(FLY D5原液)D5 催情剤: D5 催情剤: SPANISCHE FLIEGE D5: SPANISCHE FLIEGE D6II: SPANISCHE FLIEGE D6 催情剤: SPANISCHE FLIEGE D9 催情剤: ホーニージェル狂潮嬌娃: 壮根精華素: 紅蜘蛛: 虫草鹿鞭: 魔根: 魔鬼天使性欲粉(Muira Puama): 威哥王: 巨人倍増: RU486: 三体牛鞭: 狼一号: 紅蜘蛛: D10媚薬: 黒倍王: 魔鬼天使Muira.PuamaII: 狼1号: 三體牛鞭: 三體牛鞭: 三體牛鞭: 黒倍王: RU486: 粉劑媚薬: 媚薬カプセル: 催淫通販: 三體牛鞭: 999神油 女性用: バイアグラ: 同仁堂牛黄清心丸: 房事の神油: 中華牛鞭: 德國魔棒: 三體牛鞭: 999皮炎平: ダイエット: SPANISCHE FLIEGE D5: 中華牛宝: 男根増長素: 三體牛鞭: 大印象減肥茶: 三葉減肥茶: 碧生源減肥茶: 新品オススメ: 三體牛鞭: 新倍柔情高級人体潤滑剤: 縮陰膏(超級潤滑剤): k-yゼリー潤滑剤: 天然山羊の眼: 人の助: 妻之友外用避妊薬: セセックスドロップ ドイツ(Sex drops)小情人: ARDOUR(持久熱情粉)媚薬: 蒼蝿粉(INVERMA 粉剤媚薬):
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