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Mutts Are People Too


An update from Albania, land of the street dogs! When Fabian and I first arrived in Albania and realized the cruelty shown to street dogs, we wanted to leave. I didn't want to have anything to do with a country so ignorant to animals. But then we met Dash from Qerret and Liljana from the "Protect Me" Animal Shelter, and we decided to stay and help the dogs. One of the ways we're trying to help these innocent friends is by promoting mutts and street dogs over pure breeds. Our project is called "Mutts are People Too" and we are collecting pictures of dogs and owners of mixed origins. Two examples are below. If you have any relevant pictures, please send them to me along with you and your puppy's origins! Let's show Albania how great our mutts really are!

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The "Protect Me" Animal Shelter in Albania

Stray Dogs in Albania

Help Rescue Dash the Albanian Puppy

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