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The Rickshaw Challenge

The Rickshaw Challenge Team

Seeing India from Three Wheels

Racing down pothole-laced roads in rural India in a three-wheeled devil with a lawnmower engine, the Rickshaw Challenge attracts the bravest and the craziest adrenaline junkies searching for a different way to see India.

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Inspiration Strikes in a Sandstorm

The brainchild of Aravind Bremanandam, an entrepreneur who is native to Tamil Nadu in South India and currently living in Budapest, the Rickshaw Challenge was born in a rusty Lada in Mauritania. Ten years ago, while racing across the desert in a sandstorm, Aravind wondered if he could come up with anything even crazier than that, and a few months later in 2006 the very first Rickshaw Challenge kicked off with 16 teams from 6 countries.

The mission and vision of these tuk-tuk adventures is more than just about giving thrills, but rather the Rickshaw Challenge offers an alternative, if not more authentic, way to see India. Especially since the autorickshaw is such an ingrained part of Indian culture.

“There are Indians who own many Mercedes cars. There are Indians who do not even have a bicycle. But every Indian would have traveled in an autorickshaw at least once in his or her lifetime,” says Aravind Bremanandam.

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A Different Way to See India

While many Westerners flock in droves to the Taj Mahal and the Himalayas, South India, especially around Tamil Nadu, is often forgotten off the tourist track.

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Living Chola Temple, Thanjavur

Seeing a different part of India, especially from the driving seat of an autorickshaw, is a unique experience. There are no windows to separate you from the world outside. Local children and adults wave to you from the side of the street, the smell of street food wafts up as you drive through villages and cities and the landscape opens up, changing by the kilometer, making the Rickshaw Challenge an immersive experience.

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Giving Back to the Community

However, it’s not all just light-hearted fun and games. Over the past 9 years, the Rickshaw Challenge has raised $300,000 for their partner charity Round Table India, working closely with the Madras Midtown Round Table 42 chapter over the years.

Round Table India is a charity organization made up of 200 ‘tables’ across the country. It can be thought of as being similar to the Rotary Club, where young men with social and civic opportunities commit themselves to causes through the Freedom Through Education project.

Over the years, Round Table India has reached out to help 1 million children from impoverished backgrounds by building schools and classrooms across the country.

It costs $10,000 to build a classroom, so every penny helps. Participants on the Rickshaw Challenge are encouraged to help the cause by raising money for Round Table India, and on each trip, our shawsters get the chance to visit one of the schools funded by Round Table India, like the Pallikaranai Government Secondary High School in Chennai.

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However, the Rickshaw Challenge owes its popularity to the community spirit felt on the road. The teams help each other on the road by day, and drink bottles of Kingfisher beers by night. Over the days rattling along the road in their three-wheeled steeds, new friends are made, most of them for life.

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The Rickshaw Challenge is operated under the Travel Scientists, who also organize Ambassador rallies in India, as well as the Central Asia Rally and the Caucasian Challenge, among other adventures. Outside of the rallies, the Travel Scientists also offer rickshaw rental and sales, as well as custom rallies for groups and corporations.

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The Rickshaw Challenge is a bouquet of trips amounting to about five throughout the year. The Rickshaw Challenge started as the Indian Autorickshaw Challenge in 2006 with a route from Chennai to Kanniyakumari. Today, that route which started it all is called the Classic Run and it takes place at the very end of December through the first part of January. Learn more at the Rickshaw Challenge website.

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適應演化都是在一定基礎上的。如果,你看過現代類人猿為什麼不會進化成人,那麼你就會理解深一些。那麼低級動物,為啥低級,就是他的演化較慢。比如鱷魚,鯊魚,蟑螂為例。如果他演化的快。那麼就會超越他的等級。哺... 進化得目的是適應環境,而不是變得高級。相比於人類的繁殖週期和低錯誤率(變異的來源),細菌要繁殖得更快,也更容易變異。如果閣下連這種最基本的生物學常識都不知道的話,就不要在這裡自找打臉了 九州娛樂城 九州娛樂 娛樂城 九州娛樂城 九州娛樂 娛樂城 九州娛樂城 百家樂 真人百家樂 百家樂遊戲 至尊百家樂 娛樂城 九州娛樂城 百家樂 真人百家樂 麻將 百家樂 九州娛樂城 21點 百家樂 真人百家樂 百家樂遊戲 至尊百家樂 百家樂 百家樂玩法 百家樂遊戲 真人百家樂 娛樂城 九州娛樂 九州娛樂城 百家樂 真人百家樂 百家樂 百家樂玩法 百家樂遊戲 真人百家樂 娛樂城 九州娛樂 九州娛樂城 百家樂 真人百家樂 百家樂 百家樂玩法 百家樂遊戲 真人百家樂 娛樂城 九州娛樂 九州娛樂城 百家樂 真人百家樂 百家樂 百家樂玩法 百家樂遊戲 真人百家樂 百家樂 百家樂玩法 真人百家樂 至尊百家樂 百家樂 百家樂玩法 百家樂規則 真人百家樂 博弈遊戲 線上博弈 線上博弈遊戲 百家樂 大老二 麻將 麻將遊戲 麻將規則 麻將技巧 麻將三缺一 麻將連連看 麻將 麻將遊戲 麻將規則 麻將技巧 麻將三缺一 麻將連連看 麻將 麻將遊戲 麻將大悶鍋 麻將三缺一 麻將 麻將遊戲 麻將三缺一 麻將連連看 麻將教學 麻將 麻將遊戲 麻將大悶鍋 麻將規則 麻將技巧 麻將 百家樂 九州娛樂城 21點 麻將 麻將遊戲 麻將大悶鍋 麻將規則 麻將技巧 麻將三缺一 麻將連連看 麻將教學 麻將 麻將遊戲 麻將大悶鍋 麻將規則 麻將技巧 麻將 線上麻將 麻將遊戲 麻將 線上麻將 麻將遊戲下載 打麻將 免費麻將遊戲 麻將 麻將遊戲 線上麻將 麻將遊戲下載 打麻將 免費麻將遊戲 麻將 麻將遊戲 綫上麻將 麻將遊戲下載 打麻將 免費麻將遊戲 麻將 線上麻將 麻將遊戲下載 打麻將 免費麻將遊戲 遊藝場 電子遊藝場 最新線上遊戲online 遊藝場 電子遊藝場 遊藝場 電子遊藝場 遊藝場 最新線上遊戲online 電子遊藝場 21點 21點遊戲 21點玩法 線上21點 21點 21點遊戲 21點玩法 線上21點 二十一點 21點 21點遊戲 21點玩法 線上21點 二十一點 外送茶 外送茶坊 外送茶莊 http://外送茶 外送茶 外送茶莊 台北援交   外送茶   外送茶 台北外送茶  台中外送茶 外送茶坊 外送茶莊  台北外送   外送茶 台北外送茶  台中外送茶 外送 台北外送 外約  台北外約   外送茶 外送茶坊  外約   外送茶 外送茶坊  外送茶莊 台北外送茶 台中外送茶 外送茶 外送茶莊 外送茶坊 台北外送茶 台北外送茶莊   茶訊 外送茶  台北外送茶   外送茶 台北外送茶  台中外送茶  外送茶 外送茶坊 外送茶莊 外送茶 外送茶坊 外約 一夜情 全套服務 全套 外送茶 台北外送茶 外送 外送茶 外送茶莊 外送茶坊 台北外送茶 外約 外送茶 外送茶莊 茶莊 援交 援交妹 按摩 援交 一夜情 按摩 援交 援交妹 一夜情 http://援交 援交 援交妹 台北援交 http://外送茶 外送茶 外送茶莊 台北援交   援交 援交妹 台北援交妹 台北一夜情   援交 援交妹 台北援交   援交 援交妹 台北援交 一夜情 援交 援交妹 外約 台北援交   援交 援交妹  高雄援交 援交 援交妹 台北援交 全套服務 叫小姐 援交妹 全套服務 台北找小姐 援交 外約 援交妹 台北援交 台北援交妹 援交 援交妹 魚訊 茶訊 台中魚訊 援交 台北援交 台南援交 魚訊 找小姐 外約
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